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why do i offer my services at this pricing?

The idea behind the pricing I choose is because I want to reach and be affordable to everyone! While others charge $60 or more per session I have compared $60 vs $13 per session, while online allows me to have and give clients superior online fitness training at a price clients can continue to afford month after month!

Being that I have clients all over the country and world it allows me to be able to reach the masses with great pricing and along with great service! I now have summer pricing which will go up in the fall but, the pricing will still be affordable. Pricing that start at $8.25 to $13 per session with all that the app has to offer this makes the pricing very competitive!

My packages are simple, just three options a 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day, along with a corporate deal for businesses!

Please reach out to me in order to receive the summer pricing while it last!

Thank you!

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