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Our bodies can not be replaced!

We all see so many exercise videos out there, but is it really working on the targeted muscle that they are claiming? Well, my answer is no to some of them. A great example is this. Some say, "This is for your booty." Those exercises are ACTUALLY targeting the piriformis muscle which creates sciatic nerve problems when it gets aggravated. (WHICH IS ONE OF THE FITNESS MYTHS)

Exercises can seem simple, but it has to be programmed well to see the great result for now and the future (You wouldn't want to have sciatic nerve problems in the future.)

Exercise should be for your health, mind, and body. If we don't take care of our bodies, we don't feel good about ourselves, right? That can create an imbalance in our minds.

Also, if we don't have a healthy lifestyle, we gain weight. This would create a higher chance to get chronic diseases and also some kind of a joint replacement in the future because our joints get worn out. We want to have a quality of life and enjoy as much as we can.

We can not replace our bodies!! Let's start something easy if you haven't exercised.

For those folks who have been actively exercising please keep up what you are doing as this is the way to keep up a healthy lifestyle!

Online fitness training/Kinetic Motion LJ, Have a great weekend everyone!

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