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checking heart rate while working out!

So checking your heart rate while you work out.

First off, do you know how to get your maximum heart rate? You would subtract your age from the number two hundred and twenty. (220-your age, so for twenty year old it would be 220-20=200). 200 would be the max heart in which a twenty year should exert.

That would be the maximum heart rate in which you could exert to, however you never wanna get to maximum heart rate... Usually you want to be around 70-85% of your max heart rate. You want to be able to give a hand gesture or be able to say slow down the intensity if it becomes too hard, however if you are trying to get a good cardio workout in you don't want to just be able to keep talking during the exercise time. That would mean that the intensity is not hard enough.

Remember to always stay hydrated while exercising, it is important to replace what you have lost during your session.

Online training is available on your phone!

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