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Training with Kinetic Motion is first and foremost about you: your life, goals, and interests. Our personal trainers set out to understand how they can help you define and reach your goals. We will design a workout plan created to meet your physical fitness objectives.


Whether it's to take your sport to the next level, prepare yourself for an upcoming season, improve posture and balance, or keep yourself physically fit and healthy, our team of certified personal trainers can help you achieve lasting results.

  • Package deal-$375 for 90 day commitment

    $125 per month!!

    1 hr

    $125 per month

  • Package deal-$275 for 60 day commitment

    $137.50 per month

    1 hr

    $137.50 per month

  • $165 for 30 day commitment

    1 hr

    $165 for 30 day

  • Corporate training: 90 day commitment

    1 hr

    Corporate deal

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